About US

Why the conference?

Sometimes we're David. Sometimes we're Jonathan.

As part of the body of Christ, we recognize the authority, influence and call of God on His people in the marketplace; and it’s our aim simply to support those he’s strategically placed there. We’re not looking to direct, control, or stake a claim, we’re looking to honor and undergird.

We’d like to support you the way Jonathan supported David. Jonathan knew God’s call on David’s life, and rather than fighting for his own place, he became a trustworthy friend and confidant, a defender and an intercessor. Jonathan didn’t tell David what to do, he simply recognized what God was doing, and selflessly threw his heart into God’s work as a servant.

We believe the hand and call of God are on his people in the Marketplace.

About Cross Kingdom

Healing Hearts, Equipping Saints & Releasing Destiny.

Cross Kingdom is an apostolic equipping center rooted in the heart of the Hill Country. Our leadership team is an array of entrepreneurs and creatives who believe in the supernatural, transforming power and love of God.

Our Mission is to heal, equip, and release God's people into their destiny for the transformation of their families, communities, and culture.

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